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Continuous customer acquisition


Everyone’s a switcher now

Why wouldn’t they be?
There are more new products than ever before.
More alternatives. An ever-expanding range of things to buy. With more and more consumer choice, why would anyone stick when they can keep twisting forever?

So for modern brands there are no ‘customers’ or ‘non‑customers’

Only people who’ve chosen you in the past (but there’s no guarantee they’ll come back).

And those who’ve never chosen you before (with no guarantee they ever will).

What does this mean for you?

To succeed in this environment you must focus on each customer’s next choice – not their last one.

And you need more than just an ad campaign. You need a multichannel flow of ideas and content, supported and steered by data, expressing a single brand message in different ways to remain relevant and interesting.

Continuous Customer Acquisition:
Five things you can’t afford.

Most brands don’t have the gigantic budgets of market leaders.
That doesn’t mean you can’t afford to acquire new customers.
But it does mean that there are five things you most definitely can’t afford.


Acquisition can’t afford
to be wasteful

So we build everything on first-party data – which we connect, enrich and deploy to improve targeting and messaging.


Acquisition can’t afford
to be off‑message

So we always produce a core narrative, translating your brand for your audiences,to keep multichannel campaigns on track.


Acquisition can’t afford
to be confusing

So we build all our work around a single, powerful idea that encapsulates what makes your brand compelling and unique.


Acquisition can’t afford
to be shallow

So we create fresh, varied content that helps your audiences experience your products and services before they experience them in real life.


Acquisition can’t afford
to be indiscriminate

So we build, test and optimise customer journeys to bring the right content to the right people, at the right time.

‘Customer’ is a journey, not a destination