Readiness Index


As the most forward-thinking and international Accountancy body, ACCA trains and qualifies hundreds of thousands of new Accountants around the world. Our role is to ensure that employers recognise the value of an ACCA-qualified Member, thereby increasing their employability.


How well-prepared is your business, and specifically your finance team, to adapt and evolve as we enter the '4th industrial revolution'? We posed challenging questions to employers - asking them to assess their own readiness for the coming of greater digitisation, automation, the rise of blockchain and greater globalisation. The ACCA 'Readiness Index' highlighted the issues all employers are facing, but also demonstrated that ACCA-qualified finance professionals are trained and equipped to help them navigate these challenges.


The ‘Readiness Index’ campaign brought nearly 100,000 employers to the ACCA for the first time, and over a third of these have signed-up to have a more formal relationship with ACCA, ensuring a valuable long-term dialogue with them about their needs, and access to the brightest and best talent around the world.