The Bartlett Group




The Bartlett Group is a specialist commercial insurance broker based in Leeds. Founded in 1940 by Fred Bartlett (who was also working shifts in a coal mine to help the war effort), they compete with some of the biggest names in insurance. In the last five years they have been named Broker of the Year, twice.

But in a world of financial giants, they’re at a disadvantage. Why? Because the path of least resistance is for big companies to buy services from other big companies (whether the service they get is good or not) – and not from a family-owned broker just down the road from the Regent Fish Bar in Horsforth.


In specialist insurance, which has to cope with multi-million-pound claims, the devil is in the detail. But most of the detail is unknown – not just by clients, but very often by the insurance brokers themselves.

Bartlett take a different approach. Every new client has their policies rebuilt from scratch, based on their specific needs, with the latest wording to ensure that the policies are watertight. We defined the Bartlett approach as cutting away the unknown – resulting typically in better cover for a better price – and used it as a lens to focus the story of each of their specialist divisions.


With their meticulous, knowledgeable approach, all Bartlett need is a way in – and their new collateral has given them the polish to get a foot in the door. In a world where independents are under pressure, Bartlett is thriving and even expanding into new specialist areas.