Innovate UK

Prepare to innovate


Innovate UK gives businesses an opportunity to access the funding and know-how that will help them take an innovation from idea to successful product or service. And yet only 38% of innovators in the UK business community are aware of Innovate UK, and just 1% say that Innovate UK is their first port of call for innovation funding and support. There is clearly a huge opportunity to increase the awareness, understanding and perceived relevance of Innovate UK.


Having very recently undertaken a positioning exercise with the client and defined Innovate UK as the organisation behind innovation we recognised that a fast test and learn approach was required in order to meet the client objectives around awareness, understanding and relevance. We created documentary video content in order to engage and educate our audience, developing two sets of subject matter in order to understand which approach would be more successful in meeting these objectives. The first approach used a case study to show how a company organised itself to be more innovative. The second approach looked at organisational techniques themselves. A full prospect journey was developed for each stream and the test is now live.