LIT by Bowens


Lit by Bowens


Bowens is a 70 year old professional lighting brand that has had next to no marketing investment in the last decade – a time in which many cheaper imitators have entered the marketplace and stolen share from them. Bowens had lost their pre-eminent position in the sector and were left looking rather over-priced, particularly to a younger generation of professional photographers who did not have a residual understanding of the brand. Furthermore, they had a limited budget available to begin rebuilding their standing and drive direct sales.


The Bowens brand has been built on the quality of their product and their lighting knowledge. Rather than tell photographers that this is the case, we decided to use one of the best ways to demonstrate it. We partnered with the three time Portrait of Britain winner, Rory Lewis, to create a content rich campaign based on how he goes about capturing the perfect shot. As a professional user of Bowens lighting this enabled us to use the wonderful work that Rory creates in a campaign called Lit by Bowens. And for a content hungry audience for whom the purchase of new lighting equipment is a highly considered purchase this is proving to be a highly effective strategy for building the brand and driving direct sales.