The Fitzrovia Partnership

Look both ways


After 50 years Tottenham Court Rd was turned from one-way into a two-way street. The council created some bland warning posters, but the challenge was that these would just be seen as generic posters on Tottenham Court Road and ignored. Which would mean accidents.


Tottenham Court Rd is a community. The people who work and run the businesses on the street know each other. They care about their neighbours and their customers and want to keep everybody safe.

So we, along with the developers The Fitzrovia Partnership, created a campaign that used the people who worked up and down the length of the road to remind everyone in the area to do what they were doing – and look both ways when crossing the street.


Before the campaign went live there had been five major accidents due to people not realising traffic went both ways.

Since the campaign there has been none.

And we had a letter from one of the survivors:

I am writing to personally thank you for the work your company have done to improve the safety on Tottenham Court Road through your “look both ways campaign”. My name is Naomi Barton and I was hit by a bus at the crossing between Tottenham Court Road and Torrington Place on the 2nd September and am still recovering from some serious injuries.

Today I felt really happy when I saw that you have been taking matters into your own hands to improve the safety on this road, which I know has turned into a collision hot spot. I really appreciate this and wanted to congratulate you all on your hard work which you should be very proud of. Hopefully this will help improve conditions on this road and will save someone else from the trauma I, and a handful others, have experienced.

Best wishes,

Naomi Barton