Lotus were launching their new Evora to the European super-rich.

The Challenge? Our audience already own a stable of super cars – and as Lotus hadn’t marketed their brand for a decade, why buy an Evora?


For people who can afford anything, one way to get their interest is to tell them they can’t have something. Our #ItsNotForYou campaign (with an in-built agility test) said it didn’t matter how rich you are, if you don’t possess superior driving skills, the Evora isn’t for you.


#itsnotforyou became front page news for respected car journalists from all over the world who nicknamed our agility test game 'online crack'.
1 in 4 players who scored enough in the agility test registered their interest.
The order book was full within 6 months of the campaign launch.

Lotus | #itsnotforyou