To enable Europe’s second largest car manufacturer, PSA Groupe, to embrace the digital transformation of the car buying landscape where consumers spend more than 14 hours online researching, before even stepping foot in a brand showroom.


Whilst researching a new car online starts out as an exciting and fun opportunity, research says consumers quickly become overwhelmed with too much information and choice: there are over 40 car brands, 200+ car models, 1000s of model configuration choices, finance packages and providers.

The solution was to digitally support the car research process through an automated (Salesforce enabled), digitally triggered, always on, Next Best Action lead nurture programme. Built with scale (across the brands) but not en masse (segmented), a lead nurture programme that enabled the plethora of PSA information and choices to be prioritised and recommendations made for consumers. A nurture programme that breaks down the process into simple, relevant nudges that educate, inspire and empower consumers. A nurture programme whose primary aim is to make car research easier, more personalised, and one that demonstrates value and built trust in the PSA approach to cars, consumers and car ownership.


The test programme has enabled 100s of consumers to experience the strategic nurture journeys and benefit from an enhanced and easy purchase path. Pilot resulted in an 6% uplift in sales conversion and the success has led to full roll out of lead nurture for 10 priority digital triggers, lead types, audiences and tri‑brand dealer network.