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UK Export Finance (UKEF) helps UK businesses by supporting their exports, helping them to expand internationally, and giving them access to finance. Their mandate is to ensure that no viable export fails due to a lack of finance or insurance.

Due to a reorganization and rebrand there was limited awareness of UKEF so we were briefed to raise awareness and understanding of their role, and generate quality leads.

EVALUATE - Professionally Curious


Exporters either didn’t know about UKEF or felt that it wasn’t something they needed. The Exporter’s Edge campaign set up the notion that UK businesses were already getting an edge on their competitors with UKEF’s help in securing, fulfilling and getting paid for orders. And that if you weren’t already doing it – you certainly should be.

The campaign was structured to engage our audience through contextual targeting and an extremely targeted LinkedIn campaign when they were looking for advice, and to specifically answer their need for trade finance when they were in market, with PPC and content syndication.

EVALUATE - Professionally Curious


The campaign drives customers to, which has gone from No. 197th most visited page in April 2018 on to No. 1 most visited page in Jan 2019

Opportunities from the campaign are valued at £30 million