Urban Exposure

Deals that stand
the test of time


Urban Exposure provide finance to property developers. But this is a sector where brands spend a fortune on their marketing. This is also a sector where a lot of the marketing looks identical (lots of shots and footage of developments), and there was a risk that Urban Exposure would disappear in the clutter.


Property developments are complicated – physically, legally, financially – and they can throw up nasty surprises. So Urban Exposure don’t just give you the money and disappear - they stay by your side throughout the project. That led us to a new brand positioning and identity: Urban Exposure do deals that stand the test of time.

URBAN Exposure mobile app

To bring that to life we worked with celebrated multi-disciplinary artist Conrad Armstrong to turn our newly designed logo into a piece of concrete art that would literally stand the test of time. Urban Exposure’s logo was no longer an after-thought on the wall, it was a statement of intent at the heart of the office, and from it we created a suite of assets including content, website design, press ads and brand collateral.

URBAN Exposure - sign